Sacred Shared Space

Our mission is to teach and practice love and inspire inner peace for all beings.

Our hope as healing practitioners is to remove blocks to inner truth by providing a sacred, comfortable healing space where you can explore the healing modalities offered in total confidence and safety.

We offer practices that help balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, using energy work and other healing modalities.

We honor the individuality of each person. We have great respect and reverence for a person’s beliefs and physical conditions, and understand the fears involved in discovering the unfamiliar. We accept people for where they are and encourage exploration of stuck patterns and beliefs.

We are here to offer guidance as the process of self-healing continuously unfolds. As each of us heal we all heal, opening us to our life purpose, living in a state of trust and ease.

We acknowledge that all healing comes from an understanding of the Mind/body connection and that our true self is in a state of Oneness with all that is.

Fall 2017 Greeting

Greetings friends,
We had such an inspiring Fall at Sacred Shared Space with Jayem and Mary Reed as well as our ongoing offerings that  are growing in participation!

Personally it was a time of grieving and healing for me.
The experience of grief comes in many forms and I’ve spent lots of time in the well of grief these past weeks, as the poem says… ” going down to the place you cannot breath.” ( David Whyte, Well of Grief).

Carving out our own way is truly our only way yet it can also be interpreted as a  solitary path because we have learned to distrust another and blanketed that on all beings. I found on my own path that some of my own patterns were so deep it took the guidance and support of other to help shine light on them and I am lucky to have had many of those angels in my life, especially lately.

One of the things I observed is how I took my parents personalities of manipulation and control and blanketed that on relationships. Not just other relationships, but my relationship with them as well.
Yes, there was that side of them, born from  very difficult upbringings themselves. There was also a side that rests in all hearts as a need to receive and extend love. When we have layers of shielding ourselves from undesirable behavior, we tend to blanket that on all behavior, thus creating our own unconscious, undesirable behavior! It’s just  crazy unconscious patterning that runs deep in our psyche.

The Spiritual journey never asks us to deny any of it but rather to truly dive in and LOVE even that which we reject. It is only from this place that these patterns can be brought to light.
I will tell you from my experience, the level we reject is  deep, very subtle and unconscious. For me the light bulb burst when my cousin cut up some fruit for me! Can you imagine, such a simple gesture exposing years of patterning? Ask me about it if you are interested. It’s too long to go into here.
I will just tell you that in that moment I saw the innocence of life unfolding and my habit of layering old unconscious patterns upon it instead of just being in the experience of gratitude and love.

We tend to return to comfort levels and interpretations that keep us small, limit our relationships, hide our true nature. We assign to others, interpretations ( unconscious) that allow us to stay in a comfort zone we feel safe in.

And then there is intuition! Ha, the word that is used like well worn shoes! Even that my friends can be the voice of fear, cleverly disguised as coming from a higher source. Now of course, not always, probably not even most of the time. I’ve lived my life on intuition! But as I look back I see patterns that may have felt intuitive but were really based on unexplored patterns of fear that I still invested in unconsciously.
Thinking we have figured out anything just closes us down to seeing what Innocence presents in each moment.

It is not the understanding, the teachings, the message – those are  just sharpening tools we use -of the mind- distorted and limited. It is in the moment of Divine Innocence of yourself and other that offers the unfolding and acceptance of the Spark of Divine Love that you are!

Remember who you are and trust the way Spirit shows up to remind you!

You are receiving this it is because you expressed interest or attended a previous event.
Bright Light!
Mary Beth